Flame Conference 2013: The speakers part 2

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A Sandwich Course
Derek Williams

If you had said to me back in the mid 1980s, that a new sandwich outlet was going to be started that would come to dominate the London sandwich industry, I would have thought that you were mad. At about that time, two chartered surveyors – Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham started Pret A Manger. They are systemised, the shops are always immaculately presented (often in spectacular contrast to their neighbours) and their people are bright, energetic and full of smiles. These things don’t just happen by accident. And they don’t just happen occasionally. They happen consistently. Time and time again.

The result is that the customers know exactly what to expect. Fast and friendly service, superb food, a great environment and ease of purchase. Now ask yourself about your own systems. Systems for answering the phone, for writing a letter, for recruiting great people, for delighting customers. Do they match up?

Derek Williams will be speaking on service in two sessions, “You might ‘like’ me but do you love me?” and “Great service-the leadership challenge”

Alasdair Thin

Computer gaming, branded a major contributor to inactivity and obesity, is undergoing a radical rehabilitation as a healthy pastime thanks to Exergames. Replacing the sedentary component of video game play with physical exertion while maintaining the game play elements is a very attractive proposition.

Exergaming and Sport Wellness in general have the potential to transform exercise that is tedious and discomforting into a form that is appealing.

The preponderance of lifestyle factors underlying the major health problems facing the developed world today means that governments are by and large powerless to tackle these issues directly. They can only empower people to make the right lifestyle decisions. This leads to the importance of programming and destination (gym) or home options that are motivating in themselves. But there has until very recently been a “gaping omission” in considering digital technology as a supportive environment for helping people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. But things are changing!

Alasdair Thin will be talking on technology, in “Gaming4Life: Eat longer, move better and live well”

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