Flame Conference 2013: The speakers part 1

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The ukactive Flame Awards and Conference 2013 take place next week at Telford International Centre, on the 2nd-3rd July.

Each conference we aim to bring together speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and specialties to inform and enlighten on many aspects of the health, fitness and physical activity sector and this year is no different.

In it to win it?
Gary Russell

When I meet a new client in sport or business I ask them to think of a team, group or department. Then I ask, “Can you visualise the top 3 workers?”
People answer in a second, “Yes.”
I then ask, “Can you picture the bottom 3?”
In half a second, everyone responds, “Oh yea!”
I then ask, “Would you like to know what causes the difference?”

The reason that we only get 1-in-5 hires right is that we use the wrong methodology for picking talent. We all know that interviewing isn’t consistent and engagement scores go up or down based on having the right line manager. But with the right talent in place, the average length of employment increases beyond the aforementioned 3.1 years. Once the right talent is in place a paradigm shift needs to occur. Leadership must learn to lead, not manage. The right talent needs an emotional connection to their work and their assets need to be activated not controlled. Then training methods must be changed to help people learn how to lead by pushing themselves and those around them to fulfill their potential.

Gary Russel will be speaking on management in two sessions, “Talent as a source of competitive advantage” part 1 and 2

Mass Personalisation
Andy Hanselman
Giving customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it is a fundamental principle of great customer service. Finding ways of doing that has long been a source of competitive advantage. The best organisations provide individual care for the customer and personalise the experience to their needs and circumstances. Rather than rely on their people, we are seeing businesses embrace imagination and technology to do this.

For example: Sky+ and BBC iPlayer so you can watch your favourite programmes when you want and where you want; iTunes where you can download the individual tracks you want rather than the whole album if you prefer; Udemy … undertake online training at a pace that suits you when you want and where you want on your iPad.

‘Mass Personalisation’ is a brilliant way of being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different’. So, what can you do about this? For ‘personalisation’, think systems, think technology, think people. Your challenge is to work out what works best for you and, more importantly, your customers!

Andy Hanselman will be speaking on marketing, in one session “Thinking in 3D-Dramatically and Demonstrably Different”

Risk and Reward
Caspar Berry

When you think about it, all decisions are investment decisions. We tend to think of investment as being about the allocation of that scarce resource that is money, but money is just one of many resources that we have at any given moment. Others include time, energy, attention, liberty, health, reputation, credibility and life itself.

Hundreds, arguably thousands, possibly millions of times a day our minds are executing tiny expectation calculations: investing time, energy, status, passion, reputation, money, health and wellbeing into opportunities that may or may not yield returns such a happiness, love, more time, more status, spiritual satisfaction, money, safety and so on.

This is how our bodies manage risk every moment of every day. So the question is do we want to manage that process or be managed by it? The fact is that once we understand how we’re making decisions we can harness the process and make different ones as a result.

Caspar Berry will be taking one session, “Risk and the Road to Success”

To read more about this year’s speakers, download the Flame 2013 brochure.

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